Kitchen Renovation: Select the Right Cabinets

27 Sep

There are various components present in the kitchen. Of all these components, cabinets are the most important features both functionality and look wise. The uniqueness of high-quality kitchen cabinets donates to their long life. They are durable and look ravishing for decades. But by ill luck, some issues do occur within a year or two. The cabinets sometimes spoil the look by developing crooked doors, dropping-down drawers, scarred look, loose hinges, or twisted boxes. For this purpose, it is important to opt for the high-quality cabinets for your kitchen.

Win the War for Kitchen Renovation: Choose the Right Cabinets

A kitchen tends to be the most important part of a house. It is the place we spend a considerable amount of time every day – preparing food, cleaning, spending time with family and visitors, and moreover scanning the fridge all day long. The kitchen is the very first space we usually think about while opting for a house renovation process.

Space where you spend a lot of your precious time in, you will want it to have some nice features that can make the space more beautiful and pleasant. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling the existing one, structure your kitchen area so well that you don't need a renovation for quite a long period.

What makes cabinets so important to your kitchen?

A correctly designed kitchen makes you cook more at home and spend more healthy time with family. Moreover, the ideal kitchen design articulates on the custom made kitchen cabinets. May not seem a great feature for you, but cabinets can join the entire force of your cooking room together.

Various smart applications and ultramodern backsplash options are available to make your kitchen more welcoming but improper cabinets can ruin the entire look of the space.

What are the types of kitchen cabinets you should opt for?

Depending on your storage requirements, kitchen and house décor, and the budget, you can choose anyone out of the three key types of kitchen cabinets.

  • Bottom cabinets – These are the lower cabinets often installed to support the countertops. Bottom cabinets offer you the easiest access to tap into the daily used kitchen essentials. 
  • Tall cabinets – These types of seven to eight feet tall cabinets can be the best to use as a standalone pantry. You can get tall cabinets custom-built to fit them to your specific space. 
  • Wall cabinets – Also known as kitchen wall units, these cabinets are fixtures mounted on the wall. Having them you can turn your wall space into a unique and crucial storage space.

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What could the right style of kitchen cabinet you should use?

The cabinets you install should tune up well with the entire décor of your kitchen and the fixtures you have therein. Like if the countertop and other kitchen appliances are more advance and simple, slab cabinets could be the best option to opt for; whereas if your kitchen is more traditional, you should go for raised panel cabinets.

Take the help of an experienced builder design specialist to determine the right type of cabinet that can be the best pick for your house. Designing a kitchen is the most complicated task. The extensive knowledge of an interior designer can help you in the best possible way while choosing a custom closet built-in system for your kitchen.

Should you opt for open shelving?

Open shelving has gained huge popularity over a few years. Certainly, it is not the trend that may work well for every space but can be a unique option if you are expecting some modern and fresh vibes for your kitchen. Let's review some pros and cons of kitchen open shelving. Will it be a good pick for you?

  • Advantages of having open shelves

    • Reasonable cost – Fixing new cabinets on the wall and all over the fringes of your kitchen can be quite expensive but on the contrary open shelving can easily save you a good amount of your budget.
    • Comfort – Sniffing out seldom-used kitchen tools from the space you can't see them easily can drain a lot of time. This could be completely overwhelming while cooking. With open shelves, you can reach out easily to what you are looking for.
    • Attractive display window – If you own interesting and unique kitchenware, you would want them to be showcased in an open space so everyone can see. With open shelving, you can make your favorite pieces of kitchenware an important part of the décor.
  • Disadvantages of having open shelves

    • Cleaning – It could be tough to keep on dusting the open shelves and rinsing and wiping down the kitchenware stored upon them regularly to keep the space look good.
    • Chaos – Open shelving only looks good if they are clean and pleasing with a selected number of gadgets. If crammed with multiple pieces of appliances on the display can give a cluttered feel. So if you are interested in having open shelves, keep them simpler by having closed cabinetry where you can store all extra gadgets.
    • Value on resale – Not everyone would agree with the latest trends. Open shelving can be one of those ideas that don't attract everyone. Moreover, you may face troubles while selling your home.

In easy terms, if you don't mind having slightly more maintenance, then fixing open shelving might be the best kitchen cabinet solution. Above and beyond, open shelving is the smartest option to have if you are having a smaller kitchen and want to make it look big, open, and airy. Whether you are building a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one, thinking about unique design choice like this is a good idea.

Over the past few years, the trend of kitchen cabinets has experienced unique changes. When deciding on the color, finishes and overall décor of your kitchen you will always want to have something unique and special. Reach out to ClosetStudios to opt for the recent trends and designs that can completely transform the visualization of your modish kitchen to the reality. Whether you are building a new kitchen or refurbishing the existing one, contact us (905-629-9355) or visit our website

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